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Why Choose Caye Finance

Caye Finance Business Account is a safe place for customers to keep cash that they do not need access to on a regular basis while allowing them to earn interest. A low balance requirement makes this an ideal Business account for those just starting their lives or those who do not maintain balances high enough to earn the higher rates on on longer-term investment products.

Security and protection

Pay your way

Convenience and control

ATM card

Convenient access.

Caye Finance Multi-Currency Business accounts are not subject to transaction limit Regulations withdrawal, no matter the form of the withdrawal – transfer, check, debit card, computer, etc.

We Charge As Little As Possible. No Subscription Fee

Send Money Cheaper And Easier Than Old-school Banks

It's time to put your money to work for you. With different options, our Money Market and Commercial Savings Accounts give your business the flexibility it needs to reach any number of savings goals.

SBA Loan Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Program was started to make it easier to help small businesses get the credit they need. Metro Privates Bank is a Preferred SBA Lender with over 30 years of experience in the program.

Treasury Management

We help you manage the day-to-day cash flow & the financial operations of your business. Our robust suite of treasury services are designed to optimize your company’s overall financial performance and increased productivity.

Convert And Hold 54 Currencies

Convert and hold 54 currencies. Hold multiple currencies in cash or stocks, and get the real exchange rate when you convert. See all currencies.

What are Royal Bank Finance Instruments?


Secure watch asset

Helping our clients with Bank Confirmation Letters (BCL) or Proof of Funds (POF) is one of the benefits our clients enjoy. These are commonly used for commodity trades such as precious gems, oil and gas service equipment, steel, and others.


Investments best in class

However, it is important to know that though the bank is in charge of the paperwork of the bank instrument, it does not have any say in the development of the contract or even in the commitment to it. It’s only the bank instrument and the terms and policies associated with it, that is of interest to the bank. Therefore, bank instrument will be reimbursed for since the bank have to compile with the term and conditions stated.


Security in bank level

For the fact that a bank’s client can use a bank instrument in a transaction is a show that the individual has a proof of strong credibility financially and also capable of repaying.

Caye Finance Services


Personal Checking

Caye Finance offers a wide variety of checking accounts to meet your unique needs. From the basics to value-packed accounts like My Choice Checking, we have the product just for you.


Personal Savings

Caye Finance helps you save today to meet your financial goals of tomorrow. With a variety of interest and non-interest bearing accounts, your money is here to work for you.


Investment Account

No matter your age, it’s always the right time to think about and prepare for retirement. Our different investment accounts offer benefits and features to meet a variety of financial planning needs.


Personal Loans

Caye Finance makes the loan process easy to navigate and quick to close. No matter your goals, we offer a full range of personal loan products to meet your needs.